About Us

qnoithat.com was one of the online media pioneers in Indonesia when it first appeared on the Internet on September 14, 1995 under the name qnoithat Online.

Initially, qnoithat Online or KOL, which was accessed at qnoithat.co.id, only displayed a replica of the qnoithat daily news published that day.

The aim is to provide services to qnoithat daily readers in places that are difficult to reach by the qnoithat distribution network. With the presence of qnoithat Online, readers of qnoithat daily, especially in eastern Indonesia and abroad can enjoy qnoithat daily that day, no need to wait a few days as usual.

Furthermore, in order to provide maximum service, at the beginning of 1996 the address qnoithat Online changed to www.qnoithat.com. With a new address, qnoithat Online is becoming increasingly popular for loyal readers of qnoithat daily abroad.

Seeing the potential of a large digital world, qnoithat Online was later developed into a separate business unit under the banner of PT qnoithat Cyber ​​Media (KCM) on August 6, 1998. Since then, qnoithat Online has been better known as KCM. In this era, KCM visitors no longer only get replicas of the qnoithat daily, but also get updated updates on the latest news that occur throughout the day.

KCM visitors are increasing rapidly along with the growth of Internet users in Indonesia. Accessing information from the Internet has now become an inseparable part of our daily lives. The digital world continues to change from time to time. KCM also improve itself.

On May 29, 2008, this news portal rebranded itself as qnoithat.com, referring back to the qnoithat brand which has been known to always present meaningful journalism. Added news channels. Productivity of news content is enhanced in order to provide updated and actual information to readers. Rebranding qnoithat.com would like to emphasize that this news portal wants to be present in the middle of readers as a reference for good journalism amid the flow of information that is not clear.
Verification Methodology

With the Clear Look at the World tagline, qnoithat.com wants to position itself as a media that always presents information in an objective, intact, independent perspective, not biased by various political, economic and power interests.

Therefore, qnoithat.com not only presents up-to-date information in the form of updated hardnews news following the nature of online media, but also full news in various perspectives to explain the situation of a problem that is often confusing.

We provide complete reportage in various forms, starting from hardnews, softnews / features, wrap-up of various issues presented every morning, special coverage that provides complete information updates at any time, to in-depth coverage in the form of long-form.

We present in-depth or independent reports in the form of a multimedia story telling known as Visual Interactive Compass (VIK).

Online media is required to present news quickly. However, for qnoithat.com speed is not everything. “Get it first, but first get it right” is an old journalistic adage that we still hold fast to.

In the digital age and social media today, when difficult truths are found among a sea of ​​information, finding the truth becomes very relevant. qnoithat.com does not want to be part of the noise on social media. qnoithat.com tries to give an answer to the noise (voice).

Besides having hundreds of reporters in various parts of Indonesia who are ready to make journalistic works based on information in the field, qnoithat.com also has one social media division, which always monitors social media conversations in real-time.

The social media team gave the results of the social media listening to the editorial team which was then used for raw materials to be processed in the Newsroom kitchen.

The editor does not immediately swallow what is being talked about on social media. The qnoithat.com team is accustomed to working to filter information, both information in the field and information on social media, whether fact or hoax. We want to make sure, qnoithat.com can be a reference for readers to validate whether the information is hoax or not.

For the sake of obtaining journalistic truth, we are disciplined in verifying the facts and data that we get in the field or on social media. There are three things that are of concern in the verification process: field observations, resource persons, and data.

Field observation is the first priority that we take to get original facts. All the preliminary information we get, including information from social media, we check directly into the field.

Next, we explore these facts by looking for reliable sources. Each qnoithat.com reporter ensures that the sources quoted are the first source of the event.